Monday, June 8, 2009

MC Humma


I know for fact that this is not Hammer’s Hummer. Hammer drives a black Hummer.

A year ago we played a gig with Hammer at the San Jose Convention Center. Not really a gig, but we were in the same large room as Hammer. Hammer was a judge at an American Idol-like competition for Google. We backed the Google singers, to the likes of Gloria Gaynor, Alice in Chains and other Karaoke standards and Hammer did his best to critique them, along with other Google higher-ups.

Before the gig, we were lounging on the loading dock with our guitars. While Southwest Airlines planes flew overhead, a black Hummer pulled up to where we sitting. MC Hammer got out, walked past us and into the building. He was wearing black wraparound shades, dressed all black and appeared to be flying solo. He looked good.

Later that night while on stage, I caught Hammer’s eye and gave him the Too Legit To Quit hand gesture. I was very proud of myself and acted like it I was the first idiot to think of this. Even though he had his shades on, he acknowledged the gesture with a slight nod of the head.

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