Friday, January 7, 2011

C is for Community College

I intently looked at my boy and drew a rectangle in the air. “See, Wolfie, a rectangle. Do you see…a rectangle?” We were looking at a mixed media piece on the fourth floor of the SFMOMA. Alex pushed him in his stroller, while I ran interference in the front. We moved from piece to piece, asking basically saying the same thing: “See, Wolfie, a circle. Do you see the circle?” I would draw a circle in the air and then we’d move on. Repeat. Parents don’t know better.

We came upon a piece that looked like a loose interpretation of the letter “H.” At the same time, Alex and I both blurted out:

Alex: “H is for Harvard.”

Me: “H is for Homer” (the dumb one)

Alex went to Harvard, I went to City College. Hmmm.

(Image: Richard Tuttle)

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