Thursday, January 20, 2011

You'll Get Your Money When I Get My Discover Card: Letter #1

Greg Kim
123 Main Street
Oakland, Ca 94605

July 2, 2010

Student Services
c/o Holy Names
3500 Mountain Blvd
Oakland, Ca 94619

Dear Holy Names,

Enclosed please find a check for $656.66 – exactly 1/3 of what I owe Holy Names. Consider it a token payment until my 0% interest Discover card arrives in the mail. When that glorious day comes, I will call and put the remaining balance on the card. However, something may arise that may negate the aforementioned promise. This is a distinct possibility because I keep receiving a “1-800…” call on my cell phone. I know it’s Discover calling to confirm my existence and wanting more information that I may or may not be willing to give. If things go awry with Discover, you will receive a letter like this in a month or so with more hyperbole and a check.

Well, thanks for your patience and remember - all promises may be mitigated with excuses.


Greg Kim

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