Monday, March 21, 2011

Story by my good friend Kim Coenen

I had been around the block a few times. I usually hung out around Baltic. I went straight to jail more often than not, to visit boyfriends of course. I waited and waited for the chance opportunity to get free parking, I lived in SF and this was the Holy
Grail. I had made my mistakes, lapse of judgment if you will, but overall had a clean heart. At the strong advice of dear friends, I decided perhaps after ten years of circling the block in SF waiting for free parking, Seattle might offer some better options.

Seattle taught me how to live. I didn’t circle anymore. I simply drove. The mountains were beautiful and the rain cleansed me. While I was there I also pioneered the grunge sound. Not really. But I was there.

I returned to SF after four years to complete my Masters degree. I didn’t have a car so I no longer needed free parking and it was liberating. During my studies, I met John. John was wholesome and good. John’s family lived on Ventura Blvd. He was smart and kind. We would have a good life.

We both got our Masters degrees in Political Science. We married, bought a nice bungalow house and had a beautiful daughter. He taught at a community college and I stayed home with our child while waiting to apply to doctorate programs once she was off my boob.

St. James life right?

A week after our daughter’s first birthday, John woke up and said he was leaving. I asked what time he would be home for dinner. He would not come home for dinner. He would never come home.

He died on the fourth of July, Independence Day.

I raise my daughter alone. I moved to Atlantic Ave. where the schools are better and the parking is always free.

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