Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where the Doctors and Lawyers are Poor

While sitting in the bar area of the lodge of the fanciest ranch in Montana, the bartender asked, “Are you guys a flight crew?” IT was the oddest question and was said with such sincerity that it couldn’t be a joke. Just by the looks of us, it should’ve been obvious that none of us could fly a plane, let alone be trusted with one. We were not of this ilk.

“No, we’re the band,” we responded, wide eyed with bewilderment.

Realizing we had no idea why he asked us if we were pilots, he cleared things up: “Sorry, a lot of the guests’ flight crews stay here.”

“So, you mean people fly here in private jets?”

“Oh yeah, most people do.”

“Really? Wow!”

"Yeah, this is a place where Doctors and Lawyers are considered poor."

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